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Custom Small Business Task Management Board on Notion

Custom Small Business Task Management Board on Notion

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Ideal for small business owners who want a clear, organized, and efficient way to manage their team's tasks and projects.

By understanding your unique requirements, I create a task management system that transforms the chaos of task management into a streamlined and harmonious workflow.

You will have a comprehensive and practical TM Board on Notion, tailored specifically to your business's and team's needs.

Every business owner managing a team knows this struggle.

Managing a team and tasks, making sure tasks are getting done on time, keeping everyone busy and efficient all the time, and having a clear view of all the work in progress and what's coming up next...

Sounds like a dream, right?

I know. As business owners, this is what we all strive for. It doesn't sound like too much... So why isn’t it happening?!

It’s often because you don’t have a centralized place to track all your team's tasks, get notified of their progress, communicate with your team, and stay on top of all ongoing and upcoming workload.

As a business operations management consultant, I've helped many clients achieve this by building effective task management boards for their businesses on Notion.

Information you can track/monitor in your TM Board

  • action items (tasks)
  • task status (i.e. not started, in progress, done, recurring)
  • due date (deadline)
  • urgency (i.e. high, medium, low)
  • assigned to (individuals in your team)
  • last edited by (the individual who last updated the task)
  • last edited time (date and time the task was last updated)
  • and more, depending on your needs.

View Options for Your TM Board

View your TM Board in:

  • table format
  • kanban board format
  • timeline format (i.e. gantt chart)
  • calendar format

What are the next steps after the purchase?

1. 20-min Needs Assessment Call: We’ll discuss your specific needs so I can map out the best setup for your task management board. You'll find my calendar's link on the post-checkout page, where you can pick a date/time slot that suits your availability for this kickoff call.

2. Custom Board Creation: I’ll build a tailored task management board on Notion specifically for your business operations within 3 business days.

3. 30-Minute Training Call: I’ll present your new task management board and train you on how to use it effectively. We'll then move the board to your own private Notion workspace.

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