Do you need an Operations Manual in your business? Answers these questions to find out!

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Do you answer "yes" to any questions below?
  • Are you tired of doing administrative tasks in your business but is training VAs or admin assistants just taking too much time and effort so you keep ending up doing the work on your own? 
  • Do you wish to free yourself from your business but does it just seem impossible? 
  • Are your business' SOPs, checklists, workflows, etc. scattered around Word documents, Google Sheets, and Google Drive folders? Are you and your team getting lost when trying to find documents or information in them? 
  • Do you have to work and answer questions from your team even when you are on vacation? 
  • Do you aim to scale or franchise your business and maintain quality and consistency but does it seem undoable because you don't know how to replicate what you build in one location to another? 
  • Are you holding back from promoting your business or generating more leads because you are afraid that you may not be able to serve them well when you don't have your systems built in your business? 
  • Do you find yourself repeatedly explaining your business processes to new or existing employees? 
  • Are there inconsistencies in the way your different employees perform tasks? 
  • Do you wish to preserve business knowledge and reduce dependency on key individuals in your business/team? 
  • Do you aim to sell your business for a large lump sum amount one day?

If you answer 'yes' to any of the above questions, then an Operations Manual will greatly benefit your business.

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