Does your business have an operations manual?

With our pre-built templates and custom operations manual development service, we build a comprehensive and well-structured knowledge base for your business and team on Notion.

Do you answer "yes" to any of the questions below?

  • Are you tired of doing administrative tasks in your business but training new staff is just taking too much time and effort so you keep ending up doing the work on your own?

  • Are you holding back from promoting your business or generating more leads because you are afraid that you may not be able to serve them well when you don't have your systems built/documented in your business?

  • Are your business' SOPs, checklists, workflows, etc. scattered around Word documents, Google Sheets, and Google Drive folders? Are you and your team getting lost when trying to find documents or information in them?

  • Do you wish to scale or franchise your business but does it seem not doable because you're unsure how to replicate what you build in one location to another?

  • Do you wish to free yourself from your business but does it just seem impossible?

  • Do you aim to sell your business for a large lump sum amount one day?
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What is an Operations Manual?

Think of it as your business’ playbook.

It centralizes your business’s systems, procedures, operational guidelines, SOPs, checklists, know-how, and best practices into one comprehensive, well-organized place.

Want to have a single source of organized knowledge for your entire organization? That's what we deliver.

Inspired by the book "The E-Myth", it's crafted to clearly communicate to your team, "This is how we do things here".

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Why do you need one?

  • Systems create consistency. When we don't have systems to work with, we (and our team) tend to do things differently every single time which gets us inconsistent results and an inconsistent experience for your customers. 

  • Systems make it easier to delegate to other people. Written systems make it clear what is the way in which you want things to be done.

  • Having written systems reduces the training and onboarding time of new hires, removes the guesswork in day-to-day operations for your team, and allows your team to find the information they need faster. 

  • Having solid systems in your business allows you to scale, franchise, or sell your business with ease. (You get top dollar when selling your business because systems-run businesses are always worth more. This is because systems-run businesses function without key person dependency.)
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Watch one of our Product Demos:

  • "I really don't know what we've been doing without this before haha. This eliminated the disorganized and scattered knowledge and documentation problem we had. Now whenever I want to create a process or guide for the team, I put it into the Manual and let everyone read. And I like how easy it is to use and aesthetic it looks."

    — Kim Nguyen, multiple e-commerce stores owner

  • "You demonstrated exceptional skill in identifying our company's weaknesses and provided insightful recommendations for enhancing our processes and systems. I'd like to collaborate further with you to implement these solutions, aiming to establish a more robust workflow that will facilitate our business' growth and scalability."

    - Wesley Jones, Founder of KTR Indoor Action Sports Playgrounds

  • "Asli did a wonderful job learning our business and then constructing an Operations Manual that met our needs. I'd highly recommend Asli to anyone looking to systemize and document their business processes."

    - Chris Edwards, Founder of AFW Flooring Warehouse

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