Custom Operations Manual for Your Business

We do one thing, and we do it well.

We develop businesses' Operations Manuals.

By building and documenting their operating systems on Notion, we help businesses transition from people-dependency (includes owner- dependency) to system-dependency.  

Our approach is fast, experienced, and efficient, often delivering comprehensive manuals in weeks, and sometimes even days, depending on your business's size.

Beyond building your manual, we also integrate it seamlessly into Notion, ensuring functionality, sleek design, and digital repository of knowledge.

If you've been inspired by "The E-Myth" and are seeking a seasoned business consultant to create a custom Operations Manual for your business, please click “Custom Operations Manual Request Form” below and reach out to us.

Custom Operations Manual Request Form

Benefits of having an Operations Manual

  • Get completely organized and streamlined by centralizing your business's knowledge hub.

  • Reduce training and onboarding time of new hires.

  • Let your team find the information they need faster. 

  • Free up your time by delegating low-revenue tasks.

  • Scale/franchise your business with ease.

  • Get top dollar when selling your business.
Custom Operations Manual Request Form
  • "I really don't know what we've been doing without this before haha. This eliminated the disorganized and scattered knowledge and documentation problem we had. Now whenever I want to create a process or guide for the team, I put it into the Manual and let everyone read. And I like how easy it is to use and aesthetic it looks."

    — Kim Nguyen, multiple e-commerce stores owner

  • "Asli did a wonderful job learning our business and then constructing an Operations Manual that met our needs. I'd highly recommend Asli to anyone looking to systemize and document their business processes."

    - Chris Edwards, Founder of AFW Flooring Warehouse

  • "You demonstrated exceptional skill in identifying our company's weaknesses and provided insightful recommendations for enhancing our processes and systems. I'd like to collaborate further with you to implement these solutions, aiming to establish a more robust workflow that will facilitate our business' growth and scalability."

    - Wesley Jones, Founder of KTR Indoor Action Sports Playgrounds

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